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How to Clean Throw Pillows The Right Way

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Throw pillows are a must for any home. They add color, character, and comfort to your sofa, bed, chairs, and benches.

Unfortunately, a glass of red wine spills, muddy puppy paws clammer, sticky baby fingers grip, and now your pillows are not only less attractive, but they are downright dirty. 

When the inevitable happens to your throw pillows, how can you clean them without damaging the fabric or ruining the fill? 

Here is your guide to cleaning throw pillows safely and efficiently.

Identify the Proper Cleaning Method For Your Throw Pillow

The best tip we can recommend for cleaning your throw pillows correctly is to read the label. All fabrics and dyes are different and clean better depending on the dyeing process used, fabric treatments, and fabric types. 

Start by reading the label for the manufacturer's recommended cleaning method. If a method isn’t listed, see if you can identify the fabric type on the label. 

Generally, silk and velvet require dry cleaning, while cotton and polyester can be washed with water.

Textural Throw Pillow Collection
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Spot Clean When Possible 

In many cases, it is enough to simply spot-clean your pillow, such as in the event of a spill. 

It’s worth starting by blotting an area with a sponge or clean cloth with cold water only. Many stains will lift out with water alone. 

If the stain persists, you may need to use a cleaner. 

You can use a cleaner designed for upholstery, such as upholstery shampoo, or in many cases, you can use a diluted dish or laundry soap.  

Start by testing a small area with a wet paper towel in the cleaning solution. Blot the area and hold it for 30 seconds. Once the area air dries, if there is no fading, continue cleaning by blotting.

Be careful not to wipe or rub the stain around, as this may make things worse.

Make sure you only use white towels or sponges to prevent colors from bleeding from your cloth onto your pillow.

Machine Washing a Decorative and Throw Pillow

Machine washing may be an option when spot cleaning isn’t enough or when you need to disinfect a pillow, say after a sick child has been using it. If you opt to wash your throw pillows with the machine, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, check the manufacturer's recommendations before throwing your pillows in the machine. 
  2. Then, start by removing the covers and washing them separately. 
  3. If there are stains, use a pretreatment solution and blot them with a sponge. 
  4. Add your throw pillow to the washing machine and use a mild detergent. 
  5. Set your machine to a delicate or hand wash setting with warm water. 
  6. Once pillows have been washed, hang them until they are almost dry in a well-ventilated area. 
  7. Finally, throw the pillows in the dryer (LOW or NO heat) until they are completely dry, and add a few dryer balls or tennis balls to reshape them.

If you follow these instructions to wash your throw pillows, using gentle cycles or delicate cycles wherever possible, then your pillows should come out clean and fresh without damaging them at all.

How to Keep Your Decorative and Throw Pillows Clean Longer 

The less you have to wash your pillows, the longer they will last. Maintaining the cleanliness of your throw pillows is ideal. Dusting and vacuuming your upholstery regularly will keep them cleaner. Keep your pillows off the floor and away from pets and children. 

Caring for your pillows and washing them correctly is one way to enjoy beautiful, long-lasting decor in your living room or bedroom. 

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