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A Formal Welcome to 25 Mackenzie Lane

Decorative pillows on bed


If you’re reading this blog, we’re happy to have you here! We want this blog to bring you great tips, tricks, and, most of all, inspiration.

Every year at our shows in Round Top and High Point, North Carolina, some of the most frequent questions we get are:

  • “How do you arrange all of these unique fabrics to style your beds?”

  • “How do you come up with the ideas to combine specific fabrics together?”

  • “Where did your inspiration come from when you put this bed together this way?”

After years of talking with our customers at these shows, it occurred to us that maybe we have a wider audience who want to learn more about interior design and decor.

We knew we needed to reach out.

So, we wanted to make ourselves more available to the very people who make what we do possible: You. 

Additionally, we wanted to introduce more of our team to everyone and highlight the behind-the-scenes work that crafts all of our wonderful products.

25 Mackenzie Lane was formed just before the pandemic broke out across the world in late 2019. Even under these uncertain times, we knew we had something special on our hands. 

It was, for lack of a better word, our baby.


Built on the collaboration of two distinguished designers and friends, Debbie Jones and Elizabeth Lucas, we joined forces and combined our two respective companies, French Laundry Home and The Elizabeth Lucas Company.


With a combined 50-plus years of experience, we saw the landscape of soft goods and realized something was missing: collaboration and innovation within the industry.

We both felt that there was an opportunity to redefine what it means to style your home. 

Now, redefining style is important to us, but what’s more important is that we do so with what made American interior design so popular: American-made creative and elegant style.

25 Mackenzie Lane custom chair
25 Mackenzie Lane​​

A Brief Introduction to 25 Mackenzie Lane: American-Made Innovation in Design

American architecture and textiles are all about timeless and innovative craftsmanship, so that’s exactly what we want to display with ours.  Furthermore, the very fabric of this country is made from the men and women who worked hard to make life better for the ones who came after them. Hard work, drive, and precision. 

The legacy of this great nation is not lost upon us here at 25 Mackenzie Lane. When we decided to come together, we understood that the products we create need to be a reflection of the work ethic and passion of what it means not only to be an American, but the history that comes with it. That’s why it was so important to us to make sure we manufacture everything we sell.  All of our bedding, pillows, and accessories are produced right here in our main workroom in High Point, North Carolina, and all of our artwork is handcrafted in our studio in Ketchum, Idaho.

In a landscape flooded with overseas products, we wanted to stand out and show that quality means more to us than quantity ever could. American products, made by Americans, for Everyone.  In addition to 25 Mackenzie Lane’s drive and passion for providing quality and elegance to our customers, we do so as a family operation. Family is everything to us. When we came together, we didn’t just do so as a company or as co-workers. No, we became one large family. 

Scott, Elizabeth’s husband, serves as our President. Kevin, Debbie’s son, runs the operations, and Luke, the Lucas’s longtime friend, works as the craftsman and Swiss army knife for the studio in Idaho. Also, everyone in the workroom in High Point has been together for over ten years. 

We’re a small operation where everyone wears multiple hats, as they say, but we are a family here at 25 Mackenzie Lane, so we understand how important it is to provide a quality product to yours.

What You Can Expect From 25 Mackenzie Lane Moving Forward

Every week, we’ll post a link across all our social media platforms to our blog. There, we will dive into styling your home, from outlining and decorating your dining room for Thanksgiving, to putting together that perfect bed for the new Spring season. 

Occasionally, we’ll highlight one of our team members and show you their contribution and efforts on how the items in your home get made!

We also want to hear from you!

At the bottom is our Q&A email, you can also send in questions to all of our social media platforms. We want this to be a resource for y’all as you create and design your homes!

To all of our existing and longtime customers, we just want to say: thank you for all of your support over the years. Y’alls enthusiasm, loyalty, and love for our products mean so much to everyone here. We couldn’t do this without you! And to all of our new customers and readers, we want to say that we cannot wait to help style your home!

And to everyone, we look forward to showing you more in the weeks to follow! Stay tuned!

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